width=500 Ben C.’s reply to the Perfect Gifts for Hunters post got me thinking: I like taking a video camera in the field, but because of the tapes, batteries, tripod, etc., it’s sometimes a hassle. I love the idea of getting a camera that’s got it all in one—like the Vado HD. Our Generation Wild Pro Staffers will be shooting video for this blog with Vado cameras, and it just so happens that we’ve got one extra…so we’re giving it away! After all, ‘tis the season for giving, right? First we need a contest. We’re going to steal a page from the playbook of our friends over at FlyTalk and have ourselves a little Caption Contest. Just submit your most creative caption for the photograph above in the comment field below and you’re in the running. It’s as simple as that. We’re looking for you’re A-material here, and judging from some past posts, we have some comedians on board. Give it your best shot. We’ll select the best caption and award the Vado camera to the winner! The contest starts today, and we’ll be taking entries until Midnight (Eastern time) on Sunday, December 27. After that we’ll go through the entries and pick the winner. This is quite possibly the best prize we’ve ever offered, and I’m excited about reading some of your replies. Make it tough for us to choose a winner! Good luck! —Ben