I’ve been able to shoot different guns over the last few years, some with better results than others. But at the end of every experience, I keep coming back to one thing–I really like my 870. It’s not super expensive, and it’s not dirt cheap, but my Remington 870 Express, 12-gauge shotgun is another tool I have to place on my Favorite Gear List. I bought it many years ago, and it’s never let me down. It’s heavy, and it’s not “flashy,” but it gets the job done. I can beat the snot out of it, and use it on ducks, turkeys, doves, and rabbits with equal confidence that it’s going to get the job done. Remington 870 express, I salute you. Since we announced our first “favorite gear” post, we’ve had some great responses–itemized catalogs from readers listing everything from their favorite hats to flashlights to fishing rods. Here is a sampling, but remember, there’s still a chance to win. We’re throwing the names of everyone who posts or e-mails (to their favorite gear into a drawing for a RedHead Deluxe Gear Bag (embroidered with the Generation Wild logo). So shoot us your favorite gear list if you haven’t already! Alex Penice: “…My G Loomis Xperience rod is my favorite casting stick. It’s strong, and has a good action. It pulled in my biggest smallies of the last 2 years (FYI–Alex won the rod from a contest organized by FlyTalk). Ben C: “I never go fishing without a chain stringer. Yeah the green stick method works good but if I’m gonna be on the shore all day I want my fish to stay cool in the water.” Dustin: “My flashlight. It’s a Rayovac, and it’s the brightest flashlight I’ve ever seen. It’s only like $30, too–definitely a good value.” Butterball: “I like to make sure I’m comfortable sitting with my dad while Turkey hunting. So…my stretchy underwear is a must and my Nintendo DS to keep me occupied.” Ty: “My favorite gadget is my Light My Fire, firestarter…It works great and I was able to start a fire with Newspaper on my first try. I also like my Leatherman Knife. I also need 15 pairs of socks because they tend to get wet.”