width=500 Alex Speers is a young kid from Iowa who has a huge passion for the outdoors, just like I do. Along with hunting big monster Iowa bucks, he loves hunting turkeys, ducks, geese, and also does a little pheasent hunting on the side. Once he is old enough, he wants to be a Generation Wild pro staffer. I love to be in the outdoors especially hunting with my family and friends. says Alex. The big 10-pointer Alex shot this gun season in Iowa is a dandy and has a good story to go with it, here is Alex telling the story: The night before my deer season began, I went scouting with my brother and we spotted this buck—but we knew it was big but not this big. So the next night we went and sat there. Two does came out right at the begining, but went back in. Then another doe came out. Right before dark, this buck came running out of the corn. Immediately I knew it was a shooter. When I shot I knew I hit him. He came charging at me, and my brother and I thought it was going to run right over us but it dropped dead about 10 yards in front of us.  We went and got my uncle and a friend to help us lift the buck in the truck. That night we took it to the taxidermy and I scored it right at a 150 inches. Congrats, Alex, on an awesome deer! -Nate Dean