width=500 Hey guys, it’s Nate Garrett from the Generation Wild Pro Staff. As you might remember, I’m a waterfowl guide down in North Carolina. Recently, we had a couple families stay with us at the lodge. We started hunting on a cold morning with temperatures in the 30s and winds out of the northeast blowing 10 to 20—perfect conditions. I was hunting with the Carl and Jake Blackley. Once we got out to the pit blind, I got them situated in the blind and then started putting decoys out. I put out a dozen pintails, a dozen mallards, a dozen widgeon, and a few teals. With full body mallards, pintails, and black ducks around the island, the pit was on for more realism. We also put out a couple of snow goose floaters since we had been seeing snows there, too. Once shooting time came around, we had a group of pintails working us hard for about 10 minutes until finally they lit into the decoys and we managed to shoot two big nice bull drake pintails. As the morning rose it started to slow down to single, doubles, and triples. We had a few teal, gadwalls, pintails, and mallards work us, but nothing more. We fixed the decoys so the birds would land better. After that we started to shoot more ducks. We decided to get out of the blind around 9:30 a.m. to get some breakfast. When it was all over, we had three pintails, two gadwalls, four shovlers, two teal, and one wood duck. Not a bad day. After our naps and a bite to eat, we headed out to our afternoon hunt and finished with our limit of 18. The afternoon hunt was a little slow. We had lots of pintails working, but we could not shoot them since we already had our limit of one. We did manage to shoot three more ducks, one gadwall, and one shovler. We did have a great time with the family, and enjoyed the great outdoors. Awesome hunt. —Nate Garrett