Hey everyone, it’s Nate Dean from the Generation Wild Pro Staff. Well it is winter time in Wisconsin. With temps below zero, the ice is safe and it is time to start doing some hard water fishing, as we call it here in Wisconsin. In this video we are out on a pretty small lake, right in the middle of the city. This lake is surrounded by a large city park, huge hospital, and apartments. So it is not a secluded lake, that’s for sure. Half Moon Lake is a small Eutrophic lake, with a max depth around 13 feet. In this video, we are fishing in about 10 feet of water, with a weedy bottom, and jigging for small panfish right along a drop going from seven to 10 feet. The weather was perfect and the spot was spectacular, so all we needed was for the bluegills and the largemouth bass to cooperate. I hope you enjoy some rod bending action. —Nate