I’ve got a confession. I’m a fishing junkie. OK, well, that’s not the confession part. The confession is that as much as I love to fish, I’ve never plopped my bucket on a bucket in the middle of an iced-over piece of water, drilled a hole, and dunked jigs and bait in search of a mid-winter trophy. In other words, I’ve never been ice fishing. I hoped I would finally make it out for the first time this season, but weather patterns and schedule conflicts make the possibility of finding time on the ice more and more unlikely as the end of winter is rapidly approaching. Watching Nate Dean’s ice-fishing video made the fun I’m missing out on even more obvious. If you haven’t watched it, you need to. He’s got some good tips and explains how to use some basic gear—and proves that it works by catching a few fish. A few of those panfish and some perch like he caught towards the end, and you could have yourself a nice fish fry! So my question to the Generation Wild world is this: Am I missing the boat here? Who else out there is an ice fisherman? Hit me with your take on the sport and see if you can make me jealous. —Ben