Reading Tommy Ladson’s deer hunting story the other day got me juiced up all over again for deer season. But then I looked at the calendar, and had that sinking feeling when I realized I’ve got at least eight more months before things get moving in my part of the country again. But thanks for the story, Tommy. It got me daydreaming, which is always nice this time of year. While I was digging around on the Internet, I found two other similar stories of successful whitetail hunters. Fresh out of a hunting education course, Garrett Comstock, of Alabama, had a little luck on his side when he shot a great 9-point whitetail buck, his largest to date, over Christmas. Then there’s this story about John Bowman’s incredible last-day-of-the-season 10-point whitetail. John was sitting on the edge of a marsh while some hunting friends organized a deer drive that pushed two bucks directly in his direction. Shooting a shotgun loaded with buckshot, John took aim at the largest of the two deer and dropped the animal at a range of only 30 yards. Incredible! A lot of us have had to hang up the hunting gear for the season already, but stories like this keep us primed for next season. To Tommy and the rest of the crew, keep the stories, photos, and videos coming—we’re living your adventures through your eyes. —Ben