It’s a pretty safe guess that I’m not the only one here who enjoys a sip of something after a cold hunt. I take care of the dogs, wipe down the gun, then I warm up with a drop of whiskey and a splash of water and think about the day. Because a sip is all I have, a fifth lasts forever and I can afford good stuff. Of course, to keep my shotgun writer card from being revoked, I’m required to have single malt scotch on hand, usually Glenfiddich or The Balvenie. I’ve always got Wild Turkey, too, for drinking and for cooking.

However, as a proud Iowan my whiskey of choice is Templeton Rye. Distilled in Templeton, northwest of Des Moines, TR dates to Prohibition and was supposedly a favorite of Al Capone’s. The Beverage Tasting Institute calls it “a fun, flavorful rye . . . [that] finishes with a long sweet grain, peppery spice, and white ash fade.” I call it my home state’s way of apologizing for Herbert Hoover (he was born just down I-80 from Iowa City, in West Branch). Right now, you can only buy TR in Iowa, Illinois or online. In the meantime, has links to sellers.

Now you know what I drink, how about you? What’ll it be?