_World Peace Declared; Dow Tops 15,000; New York State Gets Pro-Gun U.S. Senator

All three headlines are equally improbable; however, the third one is true. On January 23, New York State’s governor David A. Paterson named Representative Kirsten E. Gillibrand to fill the Senate seat formerly occupied by the massive haunches of Hillary R. Clinton. What places this appointment so far out of the ordinary is that the seat actually belonged by birth to Caroline Kennedy, who withdrew from contention for mysterious reasons* and, more important, Senator Gillibrand has an A rating from the NRA.

If Senator Gillibrand (who is a Democrat) had allowed that she ate children or that she was involved in the 9/11 attacks, that would have aroused mild interest. But the A rating sent the media and all of New York’s F-list legislators into a collective quacking s***fit. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, who has made a political career out of fighting gun ownership, was so incensed she announced that she might run against Gillibrand.

Why did Governor Paterson pick her? Probably he didn’t know about the A rating. He shows signs of being addled, especially by his dissing of Caroline Kennedy. One does not diss Kennedys without paying a price, and even now, the hit squads are assembling in Hyannisport.

It will be interesting to see if, when she has to run to retain her Senate seat, Ms. Gillibrand sticks to her A-rated views or caves to the Democratic establishment. In the meanwhile, New York gun owners should enjoy their rare good fortune.

*Ms. Kennedy, who makes George W. Bush sound like Daniel Webster, offered, you know, no coherent reason for, you know, dropping out. My own guess is, you know, that she found that as a Senator, she would have to, you know, associate with the dregs of American, you know, society; i.e. other senators.