Whilst taking in the splendor of the SCI Convention, I was treated to three insightful quotes. Here they are.
“You know what the trouble with some of these gun companies is? They’re run by yuppies who don’t know anything about guns. They’ve all got MBAs and they draw up a business plan and when it doesn’t work they still stick with it because it’s The Plan and they don’t know enough to do anything else.”–S.C., a grim and grizzled gun writer.*
“The biggest problem fine-gun makers have is, when parts come off the CNC machine, they’re about 90 percent done, but to do the last 10 percent, to get them to fit together right, you have to find someone who can work with his hands, and there’s hardly anyone like that around anymore. No one knows how to use a file.”
–a Beretta gunsmith who does know how to use a file

This has nothing to do with guns, but here it is anyway:

“I’ve heard all that stuff about just doing what they had trained to do, and practicing water landings on the flight simulator, and it’s a bunch of crap. Let me tell you, that guy [U.S. Air pilot Chesley Sullenberger] has a pair of brass balls as big as church bells.”–A Pilot

*This quote was heavily laced with f-bombs. Since good taste is everything to me I have omitted them, but you can fill them in as you see fit. Stay tuned for more blogs on my wanderings at the SCI Convention.