Occasionally, as we have discussed here in the past, filmmakers take extra care to get guns right in a movie or on TV. Far more often, they go with what looks cool, never mind how ungainly, unsafe or impractical such a gun might be in real life. Here are five – four from the movies and one from TV. With the exception of number one which is just plain idiotic, they all look really cool, they just wouldn’t work in real life. Given the number of guns in movies, I am sure this is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to nominate your own. Here are mine.

1. Rose McGowan’s M203 from Planet Terror
2. Arnold’s Rail Guns from Eraser
3. Jesse Ventura’s Minigun in Predator
4. Clint Eastwood’s Harpoon Gun in The Dead Pool
5. Steve McQueen’s Mare’s Leg from Wanted: Dead or Alive