Recently both the sporting goods stores I frequent completed remodeling jobs, taking out their stand-up gun racks and putting in new ones. From one store, I scrounged a bunch of rack bottoms, lined with cutouts for the butts of long guns. From the other, I scored the top halves, with notches cut in them for the gun barrels. Both the tops and bottoms are made of oak and luckily for me, they’re a close match in color. I am set. All I need now is a gun room.

And, I do need a gun room, or at least, a walk-in gun closet. I don’t own that many guns compared to most gun writers, but the ones I do own are stored too close together in small safes. My guns get more dings going in and out of the safe than they do in the field. Pumps and double guns can sit in close proximity to one another without touching but semiautos and bolt actions can easily reach out and gouge the gun to their right.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an extra room in the house for me to appropriate. Peter Mathiesen, one of my F&S colleagues and a much handier man than I faced the same problem and solved it by making himself a basement gun room. He framed up a wall to enclose a small, windowless room in one corner of his basement and wired in a light. He built gun racks like the ones I scrounged from the two stores then hung a stout, lockable metal door on his new wall and the job was done. When you walk in now you see his guns lined up and standing at attention in their racks, safe from one another and ready to go hunting.

Does anyone out there have a home-made gun room, or gun storage advice to share?