Herewith, some unfinished business from previous posts.

I mentioned that I had rotator-cuff problems. This was not from shooting, but from doing heavy bench presses without warming up first. Rotator cuffs are small muscles that require specialized exercises. I started doing them in 2000 and haven’t had a problem since. Strength is a good thing for rifle shooters to have; two of the best shots I know are as strong as oxen, and I don’t think it’s coincidental.

One blogger accused me of letting my prejudice against inexpensive shotguns show. Actually, I’ve never tried to hide it. If you can’t show up at a sporting clays event with a Caesar Guerini (which is a hell of a shotgun, by the way), a high-grade Beretta, a Perazzi, or a gun of that order, it’s the social equivalent of having Rosie O’Donnell kiss you in public. I am also prejudiced against Sporting Clays because if you are to shoot it successfully, you have to think. I dislike thinking; that’s why I like trap.

Referring back to the E.R. Shaw Mark VII .30/06, which shoots everything well, I was asked which load I would go with. Finn Aagaard gave the best answer to this question. He said that you stick with whatever will handle the biggest game you can reasonably expect to shoot with the gun. He favored the 180-grain Nosler Partition, and that is what I would pick as well.