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Providing good customer service is the cheapest, most effective way to buy brand loyalty there is. Treat the little guy like a big deal and you win him over forever. Some companies get this, others don’t.

With a week to go before our state sporting clays shoot, my friend Rick decided it was past time to clean his …… Remington 1100 Sporting 28. When he removed the trigger group, out came one of the magazine latches, bent. He tried bending it back into shape. No luck.
Monday morning, he called Remington’s consumer help line and explained that he needed a new latch before Friday. No problem. They would sell him a new part for $14.95, plus $10 UPS.

Loyal postal service employee and squeaky wheel that he is, Rick countered: “Why don’t you put it in a priority mail envelope? It will only cost $4.25 and I’ll have it in two days.”
There was some discussion, then more discussion with a supervisor. Long story short, the latch arrived the next morning, UPS overnight, with no shipping charge at all.

I know this happened because Rick called me up as soon as the package arrived to tell me how well he had been treated.

Remington could have hung tough and made Rick pay the shipping. Instead, for $10 they bought themselves a loyal customer for life. That’s smart business.

With that, the floor is open for customer service stories good and bad.