If your local gun stores are like mine, they now actually have AR 15s sitting in the racks, waiting for someone to buy them. Handguns, too. There are even a few rifle primers to be found. The buying frenzy that started in October is tapering off. Guns that never even made it to the shelf before someone bought them are sitting now.

Earlier this summer, I asked a friend of mine who works for a gun company if the boom – which was almost entirely ARs and handguns — had helped sporting long gun sales at all. Not so much, he said, but added: “Dealers have sold so many ARs and handguns that they’ve all got some money. We’re hoping as fall comes, they will put some of that money back into building up their inventory of sporting arms.”

Well, here it is almost fall, and new hunting guns are showing up on dealer’s shelves so perhaps my friend was right. Of course, people still have to buy them from the store.
And that brings us to Browning’s “Stimulus Package.” Here’s a link to the press release, which, if you click on the Odioigo logo, you can hear read aloud by a helpful machine that can’t pronounce “Cynergy”:

My question is two part: would a “stimulus check” rebate from a firearms manufacturer make you buy a gun, and, second, in these hard times, who out there has done his or her bit for our consumer economy by buying a gun recently?