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Now that the news is all Ted, all the time (which at least is a relief from all Michael, all the time) and the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy is on his way to being Saint Teddy, we should remember that he was an implacable enemy of the Second Amendment, and that there never was an anti-gun law he did not like. Kennedy blamed guns for his brothers’ deaths. The reality is a little different.

John Kennedy was killed because the Secret Service, in a city where many people were known to hate him, allowed JFK to ride in an open automobile, and advertised his route in advance.

Bobby Kennedy was killed because, rather than employ professional bodyguards in Los Angeles, he used a former football player named Rosey Grier, plus a few others who were equally well qualified. Grier was an all-pro lineman, but he was not much of a bodyguard.

Condemning guns for a tragedy rather than affixing the blame to arrogance, incredible lapses in judgment, and incompetence saves one a lot of trouble, does it not? After all, how do you legislate against human failings?