Here’s a good rumor to chew on. Will Idaho be home to one of our major gunmakers? Much as South Dakota attracted gun and ammunition makers like Dakota, Black Hills, Corbon, A-Square and others, Idaho is actively courting the firearms industry. It is, after all, an extremely gun-friendly state, and it doesn’t hurt that it offers tremendous outdoor recreation as well.

Idaho is considering a new industrial park built specifically with gunmakers in mind, with possible features including – get this — a mile-long underground range. According to this story, Idaho is competing with Tennesse and Texas for one particular maker about to change address – either Ruger, S&W or Remington – according to this story:

I have no inside knowledge of which of the three companies named is planning a move, so you are free to speculate. But think about it: your Model 700, your Model 77 or your Model 29 could come with the words “Made in Idaho” stamped on the barrel.

* * *

In a tangentially related story, one Idaho company has made the unusual decision to switch from making semiconductors to shotguns. Advanced Precision of Meridian, Idaho, having lost a big semiconductor client, is going into the shotgun business in partnership with Legacy Sports of Nevada, importer of Verona and Escort shotguns and Howa rifles.

According to Legacy CEO Gene Lumsden, Legacy will import half the parts from Turkish maker Hatsan, who makes Escort shotguns, with the other half being made in Idaho, where the guns will also be assembled.

There will be a pump first, then a semiauto, both geared to the LE/military market with the first guns to be made by November.