I received the invitation you see here from Beretta a few weeks ago. They are introducing a new gun called the Xplor and inviting a couple hundred gun writers from around the world to come to Italy to see it. I’ll be there and will get a picture of the new gun back to you as quickly as I can.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what it is. I asked Beretta’s shotgun PR manager what he could tell me about it, and what was up with the dinosaur foot on the invitation. I assumed that meant the gun was rugged, maybe armored like a Benelli Nova or Remington 887.

No, he said, it’s a gun that’s ready for any kind of game, up to and including a dinosaur.

Aha. I’m thinking it’s a single shot shotgun with interchangeable rifle barrels, like a T/C encore. Then I thought some more, and it occurred to maybe, it’s an O/U shotgun and you can switch on single shot, scoped rifle barrels. That would be cool: a two barreled gun for birds that converted quickly into an accurate single shot for bigger game. That’s my best guess for now. You are all free to speculate. I’ll tell you if I was right or if I even came close as soon as I know what it is. –Phil Bourjaily