We ran a piece about South Carolina Adjutant General candidate Dean Allen’s “Machine Gun Social” recently, an event at which you could spend $25 for a BBQ sandwich, a full magazine to shoot in an automatic weapon and a chance to win an AK-47. A few of you wrote in complaining that you didn’t get advance notice. Well, here you go: Allen is having another one at the end of the month.

Now, I have made no study of the South Carolina Adjutant General’s race whatsoever (the Adjutant General is the head of the National Guard). I have no idea of the issues involved, nor should this post be construed as an endorsement of Mr. Allen’s candidacy. However, it is definitely an endorsement of the Machine Gun Social as a campaign fundraising concept.

_Dear Phil Bourjaily and David E. Petzal,

First, THANK YOU for mentioning my Machinegun Social in Field & Stream magazine. I reached a lot more people when Contessa Brewer interviewed me live on MSNBC, but I reached a lot better people in Field & Stream. I am honored to be included on your pages._

_I have listened to the voters and heard the complaints about giving away a foreign weapon. I have located an AK-47 that is Made In USA and I will be buying the next one from a North Carolina company. In fact, it has a polymer stock and foregrip that are hot pink just for the ladies!

That’s right, I am doing another Machinegun Social on Saturday, October 24th

ATP Gun Shop
1340 College Park Road
Summerville, SC 29483

Noon till 4:00 PM

We will give away an American made AK-47.

Finally, your readers are correct, I understand clearly that all our freedoms are based upon the Second Amendment. Our rights come from God, not government. I am going to continue to use the AK-47 because it grabs the attention of the liberal media and we do have to communicate with the larger world.

Just for the record, the first AK-47 I ever saw was covered in mud and cradled in the arms of a very dead NVA soldier. I had the honor of serving in the 101st Airborne Division in 1969. My buddies and I had a lot of fun shooting that AK-47! I can tell your readers that the 7.62 X 39mm cartrige, and the weapons chambered for it, the AK-47, SKS, and the RPD light machinegun, are very fine pieces of equipment.

Again, it has been an honor to be on the pages of Field & Stream. Thanks!


Dean Allen
Republican candidate for
Adjutant General of South Carolina_