About a dozen years ago I went hunting with a famous TV hunting personality. He had brought along a camera man as well as a number of his sponsor’s products, which he tried to weave into the TV show he was filming. One of them, the “Wise Hunter” vest, was, I think, the worst hunting product I ever saw: a bullet-resistant blaze orange vest. What else could send such an incorrect and alarming signal to non-hunters about the nature of hunting than the notion that we have to don body armor to live through a day in the woods?

I put the thing on. It was stiff, it was heavy, and I thought, “If hunting is really so dangerous I need to wear one of these, I’m finding a new hobby. Bowling, maybe.”

But, of course, hunting isn’t that dangerous. I am glad my car has seatbelts and an airbag, but I never feel as if my hunting vest needs Kevlar panels. As I said, I saw the Wise Hunter vest twelve years ago and thought it the idea was mercifully gone forever, until I found this vest today. The product description reads: “New bulletproof hunting vest level II will make you feel safe hunting with your friends or even with VP Cheney…”

Am I right or is there something even worse out there?