According to an article by one Alice Schroeder on (and reported here on Field Notes last week), Goldman Sachs executives, with an eye toward public rage at the imminent whopper bonuses to descend on GS, are applying for pistol permits. Ms. Schroeder (who does not think much of handguns as protection) called the NYPD to verify, and was informed that some of the bankers she asked about do have permits, although the cops said it will “…be a while before it can name names.” (I will not hold my breath waiting to find out.)

Mayor for Life Bloomberg has made it nearly impossible for an ordinary citizen to get a carry permit in New York City, and the city does not recognize carry permits from anywhere else. There are seven categories of permits in NYC, including one for people who routinely carry large amounts of cash or have received threats against their lives.

Out of 8 million people, the NYPD has seen fit to issue about 2,200 of these permits. Getting one, for an ordinary person, requires both lots of time and lots of money. I’m told that the cops make it as difficult as they possibly can. But then Goldman Sachs executives are not ordinary citizens.

In the days of the Manchu dynasty in China, a mandarin was asked if it did not bother him that there were two standards of justice, one for the rich and powerful, and the other for the poor. “Of course not,” he said, “it gives poor people all the more incentive to become rich and powerful.”