One of the more interesting things I used this summer was a scope base from Miracle Machine Works in Selma, Alabama. The inventor is Chris Self, a gun nut of the first magnitude and an ingenious guy. Mr. Self’s brainchild is called the Variable Gantry Mount, and for those of you who like to shoot at long range, it can save you a lot of aggravation and money.


As things currently stand, if you want to shoot Way Out There, you have a choice of either getting a scope with mil dots or a range-compensating reticle, or getting a scope that will let you dial in lots and lots of elevation, which puts you at the mercy of lots of small, fragile parts in the gizzard of the scope.

Mr. Self’s mount changes all this. It’s an updated version of a design that’s been around for over a century. The VGM fits on Weaver or Picatinny bases, takes rings for same, and lets you use whatever scope you like, because the Gantry Mount tilts upward at the rear, giving you your compensation for distance, and locks in place with a hardened steel pin. There are five pin settings, and what you do is find out, by shooting (or with a dial indicator), which pin setting works at which range. No more relying on small fragile parts; no need to spend a fortune on a fancy scope. The VGM is $350, and $400 if you want a dial indicator with it. Miracle Machine Works’ phone is 334-320-8184 or 334-872-0121.