Sometimes we talk about guns as works of art in this space. How about works of art as guns? Robert Powell’s painted stocks use wood as canvas for designs based on the work of the masters. Painted gun stocks are popular among target shooters, although I for one would love to show up at a sunflower field dove shoot with a gun painted to look like Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers.” (What I would really like would be a turkey gun in Jackson Pollack camo).


Powell lives in Benton , Arkansas. He got his start as an artist in the Air Force in the 1980s, painting nose art on aircraft. During his time in the service he helped restore the original B-17 “Memphis Belle” as well as painting the nose of the “Memphis Belle III” that the Air Force commissioned to coincide with the release of the movie. Since then he has branched out into all kinds of work, including entire vehicles painted as tributes to servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You can see all of his work on There are guitars, grand pianos, trucks, trailers, mailboxes. Pretty much anything that can be airbrushed, Powell has airbrushed. Check out the rest of the guns here, including a step by step series showing a work in progress