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Matt Carmel, owner of Constitution Arms in Maplewood, NJ, wanted to sponsor a youth baseball team, only to be voted down by the South Orange-Maplewood Baseball Committee. He was then asked to sponsor a flag rugby team, only to have the offer rescinded. . . all because he sells guns.

Notice, as he points out in the video, the “Cluck U” chicken place gets to sponsor a team while “Constitution Arms” which has, to my ear, a much more wholesome ring to it, does not. Which name would you rather explain to a young kid?

Carmel has gotten far more publicity for his business being turned down than he would have had he been allowed to sponsor a team, so in one way, he gets the last laugh. He says he is done offering to sponsor teams. That’s too bad, because as Assistant Coach of the Iowa City West Trap Club I can guarantee our kids would have no problem wearing the Constitution Arms logo.

Check out Carmel’s .38 caliber Palm Pistol on his website, It reminds me of a more ergonomic version of the Liberator single shot pistol made in WWII, or even more of the Green Avenger water guns of my youth. Carmel says it’s a weapon for the elderly and those who can’t pull a normal trigger. I bet at the range of a few feet a .38 bullet works better than hitting an intruder with your cane.