Here’s how you can tell it has been a really long winter: today’s topic is how to shoot a rubber band, which is one of the few kinds of shooting you can do indoors. Actually, this trick should intrigue any gun nut because it involves making the rubber band spin like a bullet (albeit lengthwise). The rotation stabilizes the projectile, greatly increasing both range and accuracy over non-spinning rubber bands. The difference between a rubber band shot this way and one simply snapped off your finger is like the difference between shooting a Kentucky rifle and a smoothbore Brown Bess musket.

This guy in the video explains rubber band shooting exactly as I learned it thirty years ago. I would disagree with him on one point: once you learn how and practice a bit, 20 feet is a chip shot. Thirty feet is closer to maximum range for those of us who have spent way too much time shooting rubber bands. I would say it’s not time wasted, though: if I ever have to choose weapons for a duel it will be rubber bands at 10 paces. I am deadly, and that is no brag, just fact.*

*Whose catchphrase was “no brag, just fact?” Western fans should know.