Ordinarily I can take people’s home turkey videos or leave them alone. Usually, it’s just jittery footage of some poor gobbler crossing a field and getting shot in the head. This one, though, I love. Part of the fun of turkey hunting is hearing birds make all kinds of sounds. Real turkeys break the rules of calling. The hen in this footage would be booed off the stage at a calling contest because once she starts yelping, she can’t stop.

The old rule of thumb was “Yelp three times and put your caller away.” These days we’re told that the average hen makes runs of 5-7 yelps and most do, at least in the spring. Not this hen. Listen to her, especially at the beginning of the clip and then when she first walks into view. If you heard that much yelping in the woods you would assume it was a person who had never hunted turkeys before, not a live bird.