In between ogling booth babes at the SHOT Show, you may have noticed me groping a monster Zeiss riflescope whose designation is Victory FL Diavari 6X-24Xx72 T*FL. It’s designed as the ultimate tactical/varmint/predator scope, and incorporates every optical refinement that Zeiss can muster. This Zeiss is big, heavy, and expensive. Its real world price hovers right around $4,000.

To test it, I put it up against the nearest equivalent scopes I had on hand, which consisted of a Zeiss Diavari 6X-24Xx56, two high quality tactical scope with 30mm tubes and 56mm objectives, and, just for s**ts and giggles, the 2.5X-10X Trijicon** that sits on my beanfield rifle. At $800, it was the least expensive scope involved.

I tested the Zeiss by mounting it on a rifle and seeing how it moved bullets. It did so to perfection; its adjustments are a paragon of Prussian precision. The real test came by sighting each scope on a target, starting at full daylight, and progressing through complete darkness.

Now at this point, you’re hoping I’ll tell you that this $4,000 scope was only a little bit better than the $1,000 tactical scopes, but such was not the case. The truth is that it is in a class by itself, and its only real competition was the other Zeiss. It has a huge field of view, is astonishingly bright, and, most important, is the sharpest scope I’ve ever seen at high power. At 24X, in near darkness, at 100 yards, you can aim at a circle about the diameter of a pencil eraser.

Because the scope’s tube is 34 millimeter, Zeiss supplies you with a set of very good rings to fit this unique size. The rings work with a Picatinny rail, and tighten with a pair of dome-head screws. When you mount your new scope, get them screws tight, because its godless weight puts an awful strain on the mounts. You need a socket wrench, and Loc-Tite is not a bad idea.

I don’t think Zeiss is going to sell a lot of these, because there aren’t that many people with four grand to spend on a scope. But they are going to sell every one they make. There is nothing else like it.
** The Trijicon did astonishingly well, even against much more expensive competition. For $800 it is some scope._


And now a couple of unrelated matters. First: I perceive that by showing a photo of Nancy Pelosi I have overstepped the limits of good taste. You have my promise that we will not show any more women unless they are at least the equivalent of Ms. Elisha Cuthbert.


Second: this past Sunday I was at a shoot where one of the teams participating was from the United States Military Academy. Meeting West Pointers always makes me think that if we can still produce people like this, there may be some hope after all.