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It is a fact that your occupation can affect your mental processes. If you are a school administrator, for example, you lose any shards of common sense you might have brought to the job. Thus, in February, a 12-year-old New York City girl was led away from school in handcuffs after doodling on her desk in Magic Marker, and ended up in a police station.

Or, if you work for the TSA, you exist in an alternate universe. The all-time illustration of this came in 2002 when a collection of blue-shirted imbeciles in Phoneix Skyport detained Joe Foss because they thought the Medal of Honor in his pocket was a shuriken. Or, as a close second, there is the example of the disabled boy who was forbidden to walk through the metal detector in Philadelphia Airport unless he removed his leg braces. When his father, a Camden, NJ police officer, explained that his son could not walk without the braces, it made no difference. National security was at stake.

And now, we have our friends in the U.S. Customs and their pals in the ATF, who have impounded 30 M4-replica Airsoft rifles, claiming that they can be converted to real M4s. This story comes our way courtesy of reporter Bob Owens, and it has to be read in full to be appreciated. Go to it by clicking here, and if you don’t drink now, you will afterward.