First of all, there’s this: to test the safety of using tasers on meth-heads, Taser International conducted a study in which researchers gave meth to sixteen sheep, then tased them to see if their hearts would fail. All 16 lived to bleat the tale. The story is datelined April 12, not April 1, and it’s on the Internet so it must be true.

Honestly, I have nothing to say about this, although the possibilities for commentary are endless. I’m just going to post the link as a Gun Nut Public Service, leave the responses to you, and move on to a cool cheap flashlight.


I like keeping a flashlight in my car. Problem is, it can be months between uses, and with regular battery-powered flashlights you have to remember to change the batteries, or, if you live up North, bring it in at night during the winter. The light you see pictured here in the dash of my Jeep is the Great-Lite rechargeable flashlight. It charges in your car outlet in 20 minutes. It will then throw a respectably bright LED beam for over an hour and a half before the juice runs out. With regular LED lights like Surefires you would then have to go buy a new, expensive CR123A battery for it. This, you just plug into the car again. And, this costs a tenth the price of a Sure-Fire at a mere $9.99 from