I recently came across an update from Kel Tec on their new bullpup KSG pump shotgun that garnered so much attention at this year’s SHOT show in January and that Phil Bourjaily called the most innovative new shotgun. This video shows how Kel Tec addressed concerns brought up by folks who got to handle the weapon at the trade show.

Most notably, the original 15-round-capacity (14 shells in two 7-round tubes, plus one in the chamber), 26.1″ long shotgun had some problems with the trigger reset. If a shooter fired the weapon and kept the trigger depressed while cycling the pump, the trigger would not reset when released leaving the shooter with a chambered round and a dead trigger…like this:

This seemingly glaring problem has been rectified. This trigger-reset flaw may have been what many perceived as misfires or jams in some YouTube videos of the KSG prototypes being fired.

There were also some concerns about the placement of the pump release where a finger could easily be caught between the pump and the frame. It was replaced with an ambidextrous butterfly switch that keeps fingers out of harm’s way.

Ports have been added along the length of both magazine tubes so shooters can quickly see how many rounds they have in each.

It seems the obvious design flaws that became apparent in potential shooters’ hands at SHOT have been addressed and Kel Tec says the guns will ship at the end of 2011. Let’s see if any other problems crop up by then. I hope not, because I’m still extremely excited for this gun’s release.