Rifles photo

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The Libyan rebels displayed tremendous ingenuity in repairing, jury-rigging and improvising weapons of all kinds in the fight against the government forces of Muammar Ghaddafi (like the helicopter rocket pod mounted in a truck bed shown below – The Eds).


The bulldozer tank, however, may be the most interesting of all the homemade weapons of the conflict. It is essentially the result of exactly the same thought process that created the tank 100 years ago.




People realized tracked vehicles could negotiate rough terrain. From there, it was a simple step to realizing that putting an armored box on top would result in a moving fortress that could carry soldiers in relative safety across contested ground. Cut firing ports in the armor, and the “landship” (as the British called them) becomes an offensive weapon.

This particular tank started out as bulldozer, then had steel reinforced with concrete added on top as armor. The rebel tank looks like nothing more than Little Willie (pictured below), the first prototype tank, or the German A7V, which housed a crew of 21, most of who were gunners.