I was put on to this new company by my friend, ace knife designer Bill Harsey. Spartan Blades was formed by two retired Special Forces NCOs and specializes in tactical and survival cutlery. Since these guys are great admirers of the army of Sparta, they’ve given their five knife models the names of ancient Greek gods. The one shown here is called Horkos, after the demon protector of oaths and honor.


Like all of the Spartan designs Horkos is light, flat, and unbulky, the true product of soldiers who spent their careers humping 100-pound rucks. It’s forged from S30V steel and has canvas micarta handle slabs. Even though S30V is highly resistant to rust, the metal is coated, and you have a choice of flat black or dark earth. Horkos is of extremely high quality. Harsey himself does all the grinding, and he is one of the best. Blade length is just under 6 inches, and overall length just under 11.

The Kydex sheath is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s not only simple, but it fits the knife properly, which a lot of Kydex sheaths do not. All told, this is about as good a using heavy-duty knife as you will find, and you can learn out more about Horkos at


_My favorite Spartan story: An Athenian soldier was baiting a Spartan infantryman, and asked

“Why are you Spartans so arrogant? You’re buried all over the Greek peninsula.”

To which the Spartan replied: “Yes, but none of you are buried in Sparta.”_