Here’s the brilliant concept behind the hit Iraqi reality TV series “Put Him in Bucca:” take a celebrity, slip a bomb into his car, then trick him into driving through a checkpoint manned by actors posing as sentries. Hidden cameras capture the whole thing. Basically, it’s “Candid Camera” at gunpoint.

If you think I am making this up, click here.

Given that most of our reality shows are imports –“Big Brother” from the Netherlands; “Survivor” from Sweden; ” American Idol” from England — would an American version of “Put Him in Bucca” (Camp Bucca is a maximum security prison) be too much to hope for? Our most annoying celebrities – I’m thinking Paris Hilton for the first show — could be set up. Actors potraying TSA personnel might be involved. Maybe in our version the tasers could be real. The possibilities are intriguing. Feel free to ad some ideas…