Yes, I know, we just barely survived the horror show of ll/2, but here’s another election that will mean something. Every year, the Outdoor Channel gives its own version of the Oscars to its most deserving shows. These are called the Golden Moose Awards, and The Gun Nuts, featuring Phil Bourjaily, Eddie Nickens, and myself, is eligible in the Best Series and Best New Series categories. If you think we are worthy, give us your vote. We’d do the same for you…or at least some of you. Click this link to cast your ballots.

About the other elections. No one has the faintest idea about what to do about anything and the hideous Chuck Schumer and the nightmarish Barbara Boxer are back. Harry Reid will be back, which is bad, but this probably keeps Schumer from being Majority Leader in the Senate, which is good. I was very sorry to see Christine O’Donnell and Linda McMahon lose. A witch and an accomplished groin-smasher would have brought some life to the Senate. – David E. Petzal