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Here are some items that have proved themselves more than worthy in the long haul:

Minox APO HG binoculars. Tom McIntyre gave them a Best of the Best. They are not cheap, but they may very well be, dollar for dollar, the best glasses on the market.

– Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter. Another BoB winner. After 7 months of constant use, I think just as highly of it as I did when I first got it. Its extremely reasonable price is an embarrassment, but then nothing is perfect.

– Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener. The damned thing does a better job than I do. Humiliating. I gave away my sharpening stones.

– Empire of the Summer Moon. A book? Yes, a book. And perhaps the only book on the Indian wars worthy to be mentioned in the same breath with Son of the Morning Star. The author is S.C. Gwynne. Start it and you are lost. Review to come.

– Redfield Scopes. The greatest back-from-the-dead story since Lazarus. I would not have given a plugged nickel for the brand, but it is now a good, sound, inexpensive scope made in the U.S. and backed by Leupold. Miracles do happen.

– Nosler Model 48 Custom Sporter. If you’re looking to go into fiscal ruin for one rifle, here it is.

– Bullets. The Swift Scirocco. The Barnes XXX bullets, all of them. The Hornady SST. The Nosler E-Tip. It’s getting very difficult to be a big-game animal.

And for target shooters, any of the Berger bullets and the Lapua Scenar.

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