_by Phil Bourjaily
I had a chance to use Texas rigged duck decoys on my November hunt at Habitat Flats. I was so taken with system I came home and started changing all my decoys over. The Texas rig originated on the Gulf Coast, and while most rigs are homemade like the one in this video, both Mojo Outdoors and Rig ‘Em Right offer readymade kits.

When you use heavy 400 pound mono instead of traditional line you don’t have to wrap anchor lines around keels anymore because the line doesn’t tangle. Without the need to wrap lines you can put out, move, and pick up decoys in a fraction of the time it used to take. And, you don’t have to handle wet line on a cold day, which matters a great to people like me who suffer from painfully cold fingers. You just hook one finger through the mono loop and pick up each decoy, then clip a caribineer through the loop. You don’t even have to use a bag if you don’t want to, although these decoys bag up just fine for boat and ATV transport.

This is Progress. For all I know, many of you may be way ahead of me here. If not, the traditional winter decoy re-rigging season is already upon some of us, and you might want to give this a try.