By David E. Petzal

This has nothing to do with guns, but since a great many readers of this blog are interested in things military, I thought a few words on Captain Owen Honors might be in order.

Once upon a time, the quickest career ender for a naval line officer was running his ship aground, or having a collision with another ship. Now, it’s scraping your hull on the reef of political correctness. The Navy has 28 years and a fortune (in training) invested in Captain Honors. He is by all accounts a highly effective officer. But he ignored a cardinal rule of military conduct: If you want stars, you can’t be a load of laughs.

The prime example of this was Admiral of the Fleet (five stars) and Chief of Naval Operations Ernest J. King, who terrorized Japanese and American naval officers alike. His daughter was once asked why her father seemed angry most of the time.

“That a libel against my father,” she said. “He’s angry all the time.”

So farewell to Captain Honors. There is a lot more money in making videos than in being an admiral and you don’t have to worry about PC.

For more on Capt. Honors, see this story in the Washington Post.