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by Phil Bourjaily

Legislators in Utah are seeking to honor inventor John Browning and the 100th anniversary of the 1911 pistol by naming it the official state gun.

If you ask me, a state should have a state bird, a state rock, a state flower and leave it at that. However, as the news story points out, Pennsylvania is thinking of naming the long rifle its state gun. I guess if every state picked a state gun, we could have a series of state gun quarters, which would be kind of fun to collect.

Therefore, the floor is open. Nominate your own state’s state gun. Since this is my blog, I’ll go first:

Iowa: Knight rifle. Although Tony Knight invented the modern inline muzzleloader in Missouri, his factory was in Centerville, Iowa, and his rifle become closely associated with whitetail hunting, for which Iowa has become famous.

Any others?

The photo shows a Browning automatic pistol presented to Gov. Gary Herbert (left) by Chris Browning, the great grandson of John M. Browning.