by David E. Petzal

As a rule I don’t mention other outdoor magazines, or quote them, but in this case events compel me. Sporting Classics, in its March/April issue, gave an Award of Excellent to Hornady as Company of the Year. For the past several years, Hornady has been in a virtual frenzy of innovation, churning out new cartridges, and also, and for which I tip my hat, giving new life to some old ones.

They are the .450 Nitro Express 3 1/4-inch, .500 Nitro Express, .450/400 Nitro Express 3-inch, .416 Rigby, .404 Jeffrey, and although not an oldie but a goodie, and in short supply, the .416 Remington. None of these will ever sell by the pallet load, but they are all time-tested and very useful dangerous-game loads made even more effective by the use of Hornady bullets. They will breathe new life into a lot of old rifles whose ammunition supply was uncertain, or of poor quality, or both.

This bespeaks a high degree of sophistication on the part of Hornady–that the way to go is not always to bring out something newer and faster; that for dangerous game, moderate velocity is better than high, and that there are limits to how much recoil people can take. And that “old” does not necessarily mean “outmoded.”

Well done.