_by Phil Bourjaily
SHOT stands for “Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade” but “Shooting Hunting Outdoor Tactical” might be more appropriate these days and the tactical section grows every year, as you can see in Dave Maccar’s gallery.

And, while tactical guns are not my area, every once in a while I take a peek into the black gun section to see what’s new. It pains me to report that the most innovative new shotgun I saw at SHOT was not a hunting or target gun, but Kel Tec’s new bullpup shotgun.

There have been bullpup shotguns before — Mossberg made one in the 90s — but this is different. It’s a bottom ejecting design, for one thing, making it suitable for right or left handed shooting. The biggest difference between this and other pump shotguns is that it has two magazine tubes, each holding seven rounds. Here is another look at it from the show floor:

A switch on the bottom lets you change from one tube to the other. You can load one side with slugs, the other with buckshot if you want, or just keep 15 rounds of buckshot onboard. That is a lot of firepower in one short shotgun. The barrel is 18 ½ inches, making it legal for sale to anyone, and the shotgun has an overal length of just 26.1 inches. The price will be around $800.