Rifles photo

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Swedish police seized this shotgun-guitar in a raid on private home in the town of Lulea last fall.

The owner was suspected of supplying illegal guns to gangs, but he insisted the guitar gun, the walking stick rifle and other weapons found in his house were “therapy to keep him off the drink.” The guitar gun was hanging from the wall. Upon disassembling it, police found the firing mechanism was unfinished. Had the project been completed it might have been the first functional guitar gun.


Perhaps the maker took inspiration from the cover of Ted Nugen’t “Weekend Warriors” album, circa 1978, where Ted is shown shredding with a remarkably similar O/U guitar.

Or, maybe the guy saw the great Roy Orbison in the less-than-great 1967 film “The Fastest Guitar Alive” playing and shooting an acoustic guitar gun per the video below.