We lose members of the World War II generation every day. And, while they have been thanked many times and given a memorial in Washington for their sacrifices, we still haven’t thanked them enough.

Recently, though, one WWII vet received a unique thank you from the soldiers of the Army Marksmanship Unit in Fort Benning, Georgia. Missourian Ted Gundy, 85, was featured on Shooting USA’s “Impossible Shots” TV show. In the episode, Gundy, who fought as a sniper in the Battle of the Bulge until he was wounded and lost a leg, fired a replica of the ’03 Springfield he used in World War II at a 300 yard target.


Then he switched to a modern custom Remington 700 sniper rifle and tried three 1,000 yard shots. How’d he do? Watch the video below and check out the story from The Daily Mail.

Sure, this is a made-for-TV moment, but it’s also a genuinely touching tribute to a member of a generation that is almost gone, and to whom we owe so much.