In the blog post of April 27, 03sprg was outraged that I would review a $5,000 German pump-action, and demanded that I and others of my ilk be required to post a list of all the freebies we get in return for saying nice things about peoples’ stuff. I think I’ve done this before, but maybe it’s time to do it again.

I’m not allowed to do paid consulting work or serve as a paid expert witness, and have in fact turned down one job of each so far this year.

I do get free trips. Last year, which was fairly typical, I got one free one and paid for two myself.

I do get free ammo, usually on the order of two to six boxes at a time, but I buy most of what I shoot. Same with components. If you have your hand out all the time you wear out your welcome pretty quickly.

As for guns and optics, just about everything goes back. Once in a while if there’s something I really want to hang on to, the maker will let me keep it on indefinite consignment, but when I retire, or croak, it goes back. I can’t sell it. This goes for rifles and optics. About once a year I do buy something, and I get the manufacturer’s price. To those of you who think I get $5,000 rifles in return for a couple of blog posts I can only ask: What color is the sky on your planet?

Where have all the Jack O’Connors gone? Well, there was only one, and that was plenty. In those days, eminent gun writers got free guns by the armload.

If you’d like my birth certificate there’s a problem because the hospital where I was born went bankrupt and closed some time ago.