When I was in Texas in April, my friend Chris Paradise of Mossy Oak he showed me his secret weapon. This has to be the ultimate strutter decoy, as it’s made from a real gobbler he shot and had mounted. Obviously this is not a decoy I would set up in my home public turkey woods, but Paradise uses this it on secure private land. It’s very light, and as you can sort of see in the picture, the feathers move naturally in the wind. Real feathers have a sheen that no plastic or vinyl decoy can match.

Gobblers attack this decoy and it is kind of fragile. Therefore if you hunt with Chris you have to follow one rule: the shooter has the decoy’s back. There is no sitting and watching the show when a gobbler comes in looking to fight. You pull the trigger before the tom starts pecking, spurring and beating on the stuffer so it can survive to fool another turkey on another day.