See You Later, Kene-Gaiter*

My eyes are not as blue as Paul Newman’s were (in fact, they’re not blue at all) nor am I narrow at the hip like Robert Redford. I don’t give a damn about the eyes, but being wide in the waist at my height (5’9″) gives me problems with hunting clothes, and in particular rain pants. If I buy them big enough to fit over heavy wool trousers, I end up with XXL, which means they’re cut for someone who is 6’8″, and that they flop around on my boots, collecting mud and tripping me up.

The elegant solution, which had been staring me in the face for years without me seeing it, is gaiters, and in particular those made by Kenetrek, maker of terrific hunting boots. They come in two camo patterns, plus black, in sizes to fit anyone. There’s a hook to anchor them to the laces, plus a strap that goes under your boot, plus lots of Velcro. They go on quickly, stay in place, are quiet, and you tuck your damn rain pants into them and they stay out of your way.

I bought my gaiters from Kenetrek deep in the bowels of the SHOT Show this January (I believe near the descending colon). You can get yours by going to They’re just under $60. A side note. I got to the South Island of New Zealand wearing Kenetrek Mountain Extreme boots and Kenetrek gaiters and found my guide wearing the exact same thing. Word is getting around.

*It should be Kenetrek-Gaiter, but that doesn’t scan, does it? And by the way, Kenetrek is a combination of two words: the Greek kene, meaning difficult, and the Afrikaans, trek, for long journey. This is a little artsy for my taste, but they are nice people, and make great stuff.