Big Game Hunting Gear photo

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I can’t tell you who makes the most accurate rifles, or which big-game bullet is the best or whose scope is the brightest, but I can stand here on my two flat feet which did not keep me from getting an Infantry MOS and tell you that DiamondBlade knives will keep a sharp edge longer than anything else you can buy. DiamondBlades have been around for 5 years more or less; I’ve used them a ton and talked with others who have, and there is no doubt about it. Any man who would deny this would teach his grandmother to suck eggs.


Now and then, DiamondBlade makes a special model; last year I saw one produced exclusively for the Powder Horn in Bozeman, MT. This year, there’s a new one made for McMillan, and it is a thing of rare beauty in addition to all its other virtues. It’s a drop-point with a 4″ blade, a slender, slightly curved blue-black micarta handle, mosaic handle pins, and a black Kydex-lined sheath. It’s the only DiamondBlade model with a hilt (made of 440C steel).

DiamondBlades are made of D2 steel that is Friction Forged along the cutting edge, and they end up with a spine that is Rc 45 or so, but an edge that is Rc 65-68, which is off the charts as far as hardness goes. You can’t break them and they don’t dull.

If you’d like to win money off people who will be your former friends, challenge them to a rope-cutting contest where you use a Diamonblade and they use whatever they have. Their knife will lose its edge. Yours will not. It’s about the price of a good scope, and you can order by calling McMillan at 1-877-365-6148.