Slingshot Joerg is back in this video, shooting what I consider to be his greatest invention to date, since it is sort of a shotgun. Actually, I posted about the slingshot shotgun previously. This is the more like the slingshot riot gun, or the kind of weapon you would see mounted on the back of a truck in The Road Warrior.

I wish Jorg had shown us how he cocks this thing in the video. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive, highly impractical weapon. Notice the balls will penetrate plywood at close range. For a ballpark idea of how fast they are traveling, check out Jorg chronographing a one-ball crossbow here that shoots the same size ball.

He gets 38 foot-pounds of energy from one ball, so while six at once might not stop, say, a charging grizzly, they would give a person more than mere pause for thought.