This week on the Gun Nuts Eddie Nickens takes a look at a pair of big bore shotguns.* Eddie doesn’t shoot the gun in the show because he is high-priced talent and, thus, too valuable to harm. Check out this clip to see what shooting a 4-gauge from the shoulder feels like:


Incidentally, the black and white stills in this piece were taken from “The Outlaw Gunners” by Harry Walsh, a fascinating book about legal and illegal market hunting . In it, Walsh talks about punt guns and batteries which multi-barreled guns as large as three four gauges mounted in the bow of a small boat. Despite the fearsomeness of these guns, according Walsh, they were made obsolete by the 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun, which was a much deadlier and more practical weapon.

*Steve Ries’ charity, Aiming for a Cure ( is a great cause, with proceeds going to the University of Iowa’s pediatric cancer ward where Steve’s brave young son Ben was a patient for much of his short life.