This clip from this Wednesday’s episode of the Gun Nuts TV show (Outdoor Channel) shows me having the privilege of taking a 100-year old 12 gauge Parker VH for a spin at a preserve for one of our “50 Best Guns Ever Made” segments. Sometime during the gun’s life it was returned to Remington for service and some restoration work. The gun’s owner had never fired it, so who knows when this gun last went into the field. As you see, it still works. Although I know guns don’t feel anything, it still feels as if you are doing something right when you get an old safe queen out for some fresh air and gunsmoke.

Although this Parker has 2 ¾-inch chambers I shot low-pressure 2 ½ inch RST ( to take it easy on the old gun. RST, by the way, is the place to shop if you have an old gun with shorter chambers or one that needs to be pampered with low-pressure ammo. Their offerings include light loads of lead and also of tungsten Nice Shot, which is barrel friendly and approved for waterfowl although it does cost $3 per shell like any other tungsten ammo.

A couple of things about the video: yes, the birds shot off-camera were killed in the air. In both cases, though, as often happens with pheasants if you don’t break a wing, they absorbed fatal hits, flew on, then crashed.

Also, if you look closely, you will see the Parker magically turn into a Fox Sterlingworth for an instant, then turn back into itself. That glitch has been edited out of the version that airs Wednesday evening on the Outdoor Channel.