You all really got into this caption contest. Was it the photo or the prize that drew a staggering 776 entries? There were so many good ones, it took a while to whittle them down, but here are our editors’ picks:


BClear was gold with the simple, “You should see his bow.”

gxx9sdb had us rolling with, “My wife said I could only have one gun.”

But the prize has to go to Jeff4066:
“Dear Mr. Coyote,
Your ACME order, #184-56, will be shipped next Wednesday. Our engineering department is having some difficulty attaching the anvil.
Kim Fong
ACME Customer Service”

Congrats Jeff4066 on your new Kawasaki Hedge Trimmer. Email this address with your contact info to claim your prize.


You still have a chance for another great prize from Kawasaki. Check out the final caption contest on our Field Notes blog today.